How to treat a spermatocele ?

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Actually, spermatocele usually do not require any treatment due to it's do not cause pain or complications. Usually pain medications, such as acetaminophen like Tylenol,and others, or ibuprofen like Motrin, Advil, and others, can be used to relieve the pain.

Spermatocelectomy operation is done by cutting the scrotum and separates spermatocele of the epididymis. It done with local or general anesthetic as an outpatient.

The effects of surgery, including fertility patients include damage the epididymis or tubes that carry sperm (vas deferens). After surgery, there is a possibility spermatocele be back.

Spermatocele alternative treatment that can be done such as sclerotherapy, it's remove fluid from spermatocele and replace it with an irritating chemical into the sac by injection. This therapy can be performed by men who are beyond their reproductive years and have spermatocelectomy risk. This method is considered to reduce the risk spermatocele back. Likelihood of recurrence because spermatocele pain may occur including the risk of damage to the epididymis.

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