Experience symptoms of hormonal change

Take seriously. Pay attention to physical and emotional changes and do not take this for granted. It is neither manly nor are you like a hypochondriac if you experience symptoms of hormonal change. Talk to your family about the problems. A little understanding can work miracles and even avoid the emotional impact.

For serious complaints to the doctor. Do you have serious problems, you must go to the doctor. Serious illnesses could be the result of carelessness. A too low hormone levels may e.g. lead to osteoporosis (bone loss), increased risk of cardiovascular disease or sleep disorders.

The fact that healthy eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables favorable effect on health is not new. For the range of andropause is the appropriately. Also drinking enough (about 3 liters a day) is very important. To high-fat diet and excessive alcohol consumption harm here even more than usual because they have a negative effect on testosterone production.

A "pick" the British pathologist Dr. Carruthers recommends the following "natural-healing-recipe": First, a glass of champagne, then a starter with some goat cheese. The main menu is a juicy steak with new potatoes and lots of salad, dessert, a chocolate pudding, which you sprinkle with walnuts.

The recipe is as a pick not just for men. Health should be considered in the portions.

Sport influences the hormone production. Favorable is a regular endurance training. Strength training, fitness, spa, swimming and / or Taichi / Qigong promote the effect of the remaining hormones and maintain muscle and tone. Sports lifts the joy of life and acts as an antidepressant.

St. John's for relaxation. St. John's wort may act (tea, capsules or drops), relaxing and sleep inducing. As with all things, the rule applies here: "Too much is unhealthy."

Acupressure Acupressure can help relieve to relieve some symptoms of menopause.

Who else helps?

There are special counseling and information centers for men, mostly in larger cities. There is information, advice and help with many personal problems.
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The hormone is detected with a blood test

If the old standard of "niggles" are serious complaints, and men should seek medical attention. This can be determined through a blood test to current hormone levels. A testosterone 12-40 nmol / l is considered normal range. Only when the value is below 12 nmol / l decreases, it is considered to require treatment. The standard values ​​can be very different. Some men have a very young age in high testosterone levels. Here, by hormone deficiency symptoms can show them if the values ​​drop sharply, even if the hormone levels do not drop below 12nmol / l. Then a doctor and the claimant should decide together on the need for hormone treatment.

Different drugs affect the hormone levels. It is important to note that affected your doctor medication taken. Some medicines can distort the results of hormone analysis. Some of these

    High blood pressure
    Heart medicines
    Gastro-intestinal agents

It may be necessary to convert an existing medication.

Which hormones you get then? For treatment to be found mainly testosterone, but also melatonin, DHEA, and estrogen use (see causes). These hormones are administered in the form of tablets, capsules, injections, implants or patches. From March 2003, the administration of testosterone through a skin gel is possible. Which hormones are necessary, can be clarified only in individual cases with the attending physician, as an unnecessary hormone administration alike can lead to complaints and serious illnesses. There is no universally applicable treatment standard it - also because of differences of scientific opinion - not yet.

Potency drugs are reasonable? With potency problems some potency enhancing drugs are touted as a panacea, but even here the administration should make sure to first be discussed with the treating doctor or ordained by him. Self-medication in this field can have serious consequences.

Which doctor is responsible?

In Germany, a male doctor gradually begins to emerge, which deals with testosterone substitution and also men's health in general. The "medical men" sit here together from various medical specialties. This includes urologists, endocrinologists, internists, general practitioners and dermatologists.
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Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome / PADAM

Decrease in sperm production, decreased testicular volume, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle strength and grip strength, decreased bone density (see osteoporosis), decreased beard growth, declining performance, dry and rough skin, increase in body weight with increased body fat, decreased oxygen supply to the organism by decrease in red blood cells, chronic fatigue, hot flushes and sweats, insomnia, apathy, reduced depressed mood, poor concentration, decreased self-esteem, increased irritability

Testosterone levels
Testosterone is the primary androgen.
One of the main causes of andropause the male is the slow decline in testosterone production. The testosterone deficiency syndrome summarizes all complaints that may arise from a lack of testosterone. It is the technical term often abbreviated PADAM. This is the English term: partial androgen deficiency in the aging male (partial androgen deficiency in aging men). Testosterone is the most important androgen (male sex hormones) in men.

Normal values ​​are 12-40 nmol / l.
The testosterone level in an adult male is between 12 and 40 nmol / l. The blood level is subject to daily fluctuations. 18 to 22 clock in the evening are the lowest values ​​in the early morning they are 35 percent higher than the average values. Signs of the morning "peak" is as the frequently occurring spontaneous morning erections. When the aging male morning values ​​are initially lower. Finally, decreases in testosterone levels slowly. A man aged 70 achieved only 2 / 3 of the testosterone levels of a young man.

Many factors can affect hormone production.
There are large individual differences. Some men have testosterone levels at 70 to still within the normal range. They are also at an advanced age still able to have children. With 50 other men have been clear signs of testosterone deficiency. These differences are partly genetic. But also many external factors affect the hormone production. So

    lasting or permanent fasting diets
    psychological and / or physical stress
    Drugs and Alcohol
    Severe acute illnesses such as heart attack, infectious disease or surgery)
    chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, AIDS, liver disease, kidney disease, etc.
    various medications, which must be taken long term

encourage a reduction in hormone production.

Drugs, leading to decreased testosterone levels.
Among the drugs that affect hormone levels, include

    High blood pressure
    Heart medicines
    Gastro-intestinal agents

In an established androgen deficiency, it may be necessary to convert an existing medication.

In general, the values ​​for testosterone at the age of 30 to 40 years, gradually decreases. If the value below 12 nmol / l, it shall be deemed to require treatment.

Androgens are hormones with a variety of tasks.
Male sex hormones perform many tasks. They govern the body, the functions and structure of the reproductive organs, libido (sexual interest), the potency and vitality, voice and growth of beard, pubic hair (secondary sexual characteristics).

Both the strength and the kind of complaints can be very different.
As varied as the tasks are so varied may be the symptoms and complaints are a lack of androgens and testosterone or specially created to support. These include:

    Decrease in sperm production
    Decrease in testicular volume
    Decrease in libido
    Erectile Dysfunction
    decreasing muscle strength and grip strength
    Decrease in bone density (see Osteoporosis)
    decreased beard growth
    decreasing performance
    dry and rough skin
    Weight increases with increase in body fat percentage
    decreased oxygen supply to the organism by decrease in red blood cells
    chronic fatigue
    Hot flushes and sweats
    Drive faults
    depressed mood
    Lack of concentration
    low self-esteem
    increased irritability

The women are role models
Many men believe that their complaints to age alone or must be attributed. At best, they are still viewed as stress-related. What this means for them, they accept it. But this explanation is at the present state of knowledge is no longer sufficient. Women have long recognized that many of their complaints can be traced in the second half of life to a hormone deficiency. The menopause and its symptoms are not easily accepted. It should also recognize the men.

The hormone deficiency can be compensated
Hormone deficiency is characterized by the substitution of testosterone now treatable. Testosterone can be administered intramuscularly on the skin, as a medicament for oral or by injection. Tablets have the problem that the amount of the drug is actually absorbed by the body, is very strong from the time of ingestion after a meal and the fat content of food depends. Therefore, the correct dosage is not easy. In many cases today, testosterone, administered via injection. The effect then lasts about 2 to 3 weeks. This means that man again after this time to the physician, for the next injection. That many perceive as a nuisance. At the moment the research under way for a depot injection. Which would then only be injected every three months.

Substitution on the skin
Through the skin is usually only mild hormone deficiencies using a hormone patch or a testosterone-containing gel treatment.

The symptoms disappear quickly
The therapy is not always successful. When it strikes, the symptoms have disappeared quickly. Libido and potency, improves muscle mass increases at the expense of fat back and the bone density is also rising.

Regular checks are important
An absolute contraindication for the administration of testosterone, the prostate cancer that would grow faster by a dose of testosterone. Therefore, the regulation is needed before a thorough examination and diagnostic evaluation. Men being treated with hormones should necessarily take regular medical checks to complete. Recommended would be conducted twice yearly checkups. Women with hormone replacement therapy are treated in the same way.
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General malaise

What are the symptoms? The following unpleasant side effects as a result of male menopause are commonly observed:

    Decreased memory performance
    Depressed mood
    Declining muscle strength
    Increase in weight
    Decreased libido
    Hair Loss
    Hot flashes
    frequent back pain

Take complaints seriously and go to the doctor? Not every man is suffering equally under one or more such complaints. These complaints are perceived as stressful, can differ greatly. If you feel your personal symptoms as a burden, you should consult your doctor. Although several of the above symptoms occur simultaneously, so should be a doctor visit. You could point to a hormone deficiency.

More serious disorders
What is the prostate? About the chestnut-shaped, usually about 16 to 18-gram prostate, or prostate gland surrounds the urethra. It produces a secretion that is essential for sperm motility. For this reason it is important for fertility. It has, however, contrary to popular opinion, no effect on the potency of a man. A detailed description of the prostate and its function can be found here.

Pain when urinating
Information for benign prostatic hyperplasia syndrome (BPH)
For many men, the prostate enlarges during the menopause up to 5 to 12 times their normal weight. These benign prostatic hyperplasia obstructs the discharge of urine. The consequences of difficult urination can cause severe disease in the kidneys and bladder. An annual study, which is usually painless, is highly recommended. This also the same cancer screening would be guaranteed, especially men who neglect very often.

Osteoporosis in men is often more severe than in women. Men can also have osteoporosis (bone loss) disease. This is not so common as in women, but at least 15 percent of men are affected. The severity of the disease in men is often much stronger. More about this disease,
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Hormonal causes

The "male" hormones, hormones are essential for the man. They govern

    the physique
    the functions and structure of the sex organs
    the libido (sexual interest)
    the potency
    Vitality and
    Voice and beard development, pubic hair (secondary sexual characteristics).

Andropause is responsible for a decrease in the production of several hormones, particularly the sex hormones of male hormones (androgens) and growth hormone (GH). In addition, there is a connection with the estrogens, which are also used in the treatment of symptoms in menopausal women.

Androgens, the male sex hormones, occupy a key position. The most important sex hormone in men is testosterone. This is produced in the testes of 95 percent and 5 percent in the adrenal glands. Trigger for this process signals from the diencephalon (hypothalamus) are, which stimulate the pituitary gland (hypophysis) in the secretion of hormones. This effect mainly in certain cells of the testes - the so-called Leydig cells - the release of testosterone.

Testosterone decreases slowly with increasing age. Unlike the women interrupts the production of male hormones, the androgens from not easy. From about the 40th Age decreases the production of the "normal" man for a year as one has to two percent. A 70 years old on average 2 / 3 lower testosterone levels, as a young man, the hormone depth develops slowly. As with the women there are strong differences on whether and how strong man from the effects of andropause is affected.

About 5 to 10 percent of all men are in need of treatment. A testosterone 12-40 nmol / l is considered normal range. Only when the value is below 12 nmol / l decreases, it is considered to require treatment. The standard values ​​can be very different. Some men have a very young age in high testosterone levels. Here, by hormone deficiency symptoms can show them if the values ​​drop sharply, even if the hormone levels do not drop below 12nmol / l. The publications on the need for treatment are very different. Scientists are currently talking 5 to 10 percent of men as victims.

The formation of androgens is influenced by many factors. Declining androgen levels can e.g. be caused by using:

    perpetual fasting
    psychological and / or physical stress
    Drugs and Alcohol
    serious illness
    different drugs

Estrogens from androgens, the male body is also the estrogens. This work improves blood circulation and promote growth. In addition, they have a favorable effect on lipid metabolism. Some publications provide evidence that the male menopause are more dependent on the estrogen production than previously thought.

Growth hormone (GH), also abbreviated as outdated or GH. Another trigger of andropause is the declining production of growth hormone GH, which is also abbreviated GH outdated. STH is a Effektorhormon from the pituitary. The production falls between the 25th And 65 Age to about one-third to one fourth of the original value from. As currently backed up a close relationship with this decline is the quality of sleep. For this purpose, the time trying to achieve an improvement of sleep, an increase of production and thus to an improvement of the causes of old age.

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone If there is a sex hormone, often referred to as oxidative stress response hormone. It is produced in the adrenal cortex and regarded as a precursor of testosterone. According to new findings that suggested that it is predominantly metabolized by the body into estrogen.

Melatonin Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland. The production is reduced due to age. It is thought to participate in the andropause in men. Whether treatment with melatonin slows the aging process, is controversial.
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Testosterone deficiency syndrome

Midlife crisis, the term "midlife crisis" is literally translated to a crisis in the mid-life and commonly refers to the effects of male menopause in the psychic field can then occur to the known phenomena.:

     Escape from marriage
     Searching for a young friend
     Exit from the career
     Purchase of a flash sports car
     Excessive eating or drinking

Even as an excuse for one or more of the o.g. Things will probably occasionally misused the term.

Menopause Menopause is the German term for the medical terms menopause (in women) and andropause (the male). Usually it is only for the "typical women's problems" is used.

Other climacteric / menopause designation of menopause in women.

Andropause Andropause is a medical term that has been established for several years as an expression for the time of hormonal changes in men, corresponding to the menopause in women.

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome The Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome describes the entirety of the typical symptoms that are caused by a testosterone deficiency. In the literature one often finds the abbreviation PADAM (partial androgen deficiency of aging male.

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Why do women live longer than men?

An Indian heart knows no pain! From his earliest youth, men on their future role as a man with statements such as "Indian heart knows no pain" and "Big boys do not cry!" prepared. These principles are then followed by the "little boy" until old age. So it is only natural that people will not leave their physical and emotional needs during the remainder of their lives, give the necessary attention.

Man, your immune system! "Little things" such as health problems and lack of sleep is ignored, as the need for a healthy diet. Alcohol consumption, obesity and irregular, often exaggerated sport instead of a regular endurance training provide a further weakening of the immune system.

"Men work more just ..." These are the actual causes of the current seven years lower life expectancy of men. A genetic cause was not found until today. Often the assumption is expressed: "Men work more precisely in life than women, so they die sooner." This is surely an untenable position. Women are just as busy or as lazy as men and often have a double burden to bear.

 What is "man" to do with menopause?

Menopause - a women's issue? The response of most men would be:.. "Nothing" The menopause is held still for a typical woman this problem has been known for some years that many men from about the 40th to the 90th birthday of the typical symptoms (!) have. Unlike the women interrupts the production of male hormones, the androgens from not easy. But she goes back slowly. An average of 70 years is 2 / 3 lower androgen deprivation, as a young man, the hormone depth develops slowly. As with the women, there are strong differences, whether and how much a man of the effects of andropause is affected.

I'm not sick! Affected men often suffer from listlessness, fatigue, have hot flashes and sweats, muscle strength and / or erectile function decrease. You are suddenly depressed for no reason, or have back pain feel less need for sex. Increased hair loss, headaches and nervousness as well as poor concentration make them create. Most men take these complaints seriously. They decline to strictly "sick" or "old" to be. This could lead to worries about their masculine appearance.

Cause this is the hormone production is scientifically proven that the cause for these symptoms may lie in the decreased hormone production. In fact, this hormone deficiency can even cause serious diseases such as osteoporosis (bone loss) lead. The male menopause are not a bad joke, but quite seriously.
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Circumcision foreskin is removed

The foreskin is removed
A circumcision or circumcision is a surgical procedure in which the foreskin of the penis is removed in whole or in part. The foreskin can either completely (radical circumcision) or partially (partial circumcision) are removed. When the radical circumcision, the most common method is the glans completely, in the partial circumcision, the glans is still covered.

Reasons for circumcision in children

From a medical point of view are the following reasons are given for a circumcision.

In children:

    When the foreskin - phimosis
    With recurring inflammation of the glans - Balanitis / balanoposthitis (after resolution of acute inflammation)
    For recurring urinary tract infections
    Ballooning of the foreskin
    Otherwise, the earliest after completion of the second year
    In a paraphimosis

Some psychologists advise against circumcision in age from 4 to 5 years, since this might cause in the development phase (phallic stage) surgery on the genitals castration fears.

Indications in adults
In adults, there is an indication for circumcision - in addition to the above reasons - sklerosus also in lichen, a skin disease to the white, itchy skin conditions leads. It can lead to hardening and narrowing of the foreskin. There is also the risk of malignant degeneration.

Circumcision should not be performed if there is an acute inflammation of the glans. Even with a paraphimosis with very severe swelling and tissue destruction (necrosis) is not advisable to circumcision. A congenital malformation of the urethra - hypospadias - not circumcision should also be conducted.

As an alternative to circumcision are so-called extension sculptures, which cut the foreskin of the stricture longitudinally and transversely is sutured. The goal is for all methods, a sufficient length of the foreskin is associated with a good visual result to achieve.

Religious or cultural concerns are not incorporated in the medical approach. Conversely, circumcisions for religious or cultural reasons are not medically justified.

Anesthesia or local anesthesia
A circumcision is performed under general anesthesia in children. In adults, local anesthesia is preferred by a penis or, less commonly spinal block.

Sutures will resolve itself on
Always wear suture material is used, the self dissolves. In newborns, to be circumcised, sometimes called the Plastibell method is applied. The surgeon cuts the foreskin first one, then strangled them on a scale from plastic bell stop to this, the blood supply to the foreskin. After about 9 days, the bell falls off together along with the foreskin.

Removal of the ribbon
Often at the same time, radical circumcision cut the frenulum (frenulotomy) because it is often shortened to a phimosis.

A circumcision is a simple and short procedure that is often performed on an outpatient basis. It takes about 30 minutes.


Complications are rare with a circumcision. Often, however, there is a swelling that usually regresses rapidly. The most common complications are bleeding, which usually can be accommodated with a short-term pressure bandage to a halt. Only rarely reoperation is required. Wound infections also occur occasionally. In partial circumcisions and expansion sculptures, a re-narrowing of the foreskin arise.

Rarely observed after a circumcision is a narrowing of the urethral opening.
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Treatment of Phimosis

The treatment of phimosis depends on the medical history and the extent of the restriction.

Conservative treatment with ointment is often sufficient
In many cases, conservative treatment is sufficient. Especially in children with equivocal findings, a local ointment treatment to be successful. The ointment usually contains an anti-inflammatory drug. You will be applied twice daily for 4 to 8 weeks on the foreskin. After 2 weeks, parents can try to gently push back the foreskin. It should be expended in any case force. This should only be pushed back as far as not cause pain. This treatment is successful in about 75 percent of treated children, where there are mostly physiological phimosis or prior to skin bonding.

If conservative treatment is not appropriate or is unsuccessful, then a circumcision (circumcision) is necessary. Here, the foreskin is either entirely (radical circumcision) or partially (partial circumcision) are removed. When the radical circumcision, the most common method is the glans completely, in the partial circumcision, the glans is still covered.

Alternative plastic extension

Alternatively, there is expansion sculptures, in which the foreskin is cut longitudinally and sutured transversely. The goal is for all methods to achieve a sufficient length of the foreskin with a good visual result.
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Diagnosis of Phimosis

Complaints are typical
The typical symptoms indicate it soon established a tight foreskin. To make the diagnosis, the doctor asks first for urinary symptoms, previous infections, injuries or surgery on the foreskin.

physical Examination
On examination, the urologist checked whether the foreskin can be fully or partially pushed back over the glans and whether a form of Ranvier.

If the doctor is a mismatch between the diameter of the glans and foreskin length proof, he will discuss the most appropriate treatment method for those concerned with him.
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