General malaise

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What are the symptoms? The following unpleasant side effects as a result of male menopause are commonly observed:

    Decreased memory performance
    Depressed mood
    Declining muscle strength
    Increase in weight
    Decreased libido
    Hair Loss
    Hot flashes
    frequent back pain

Take complaints seriously and go to the doctor? Not every man is suffering equally under one or more such complaints. These complaints are perceived as stressful, can differ greatly. If you feel your personal symptoms as a burden, you should consult your doctor. Although several of the above symptoms occur simultaneously, so should be a doctor visit. You could point to a hormone deficiency.

More serious disorders
What is the prostate? About the chestnut-shaped, usually about 16 to 18-gram prostate, or prostate gland surrounds the urethra. It produces a secretion that is essential for sperm motility. For this reason it is important for fertility. It has, however, contrary to popular opinion, no effect on the potency of a man. A detailed description of the prostate and its function can be found here.

Pain when urinating
Information for benign prostatic hyperplasia syndrome (BPH)
For many men, the prostate enlarges during the menopause up to 5 to 12 times their normal weight. These benign prostatic hyperplasia obstructs the discharge of urine. The consequences of difficult urination can cause severe disease in the kidneys and bladder. An annual study, which is usually painless, is highly recommended. This also the same cancer screening would be guaranteed, especially men who neglect very often.

Osteoporosis in men is often more severe than in women. Men can also have osteoporosis (bone loss) disease. This is not so common as in women, but at least 15 percent of men are affected. The severity of the disease in men is often much stronger. More about this disease,

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