Follow a tight foreskin - phimosis

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Infections, urinary tract infections, pain during erection
In severe narrowing of the foreskin is an increased risk for infections and possibly urinary tract infections. Frequent infections may increase because of increased scarring of the foreskin further. The risk for development of cancer is then increased. The erection is painful, so the sex can be difficult.

emergency paraphimosis

A urological emergency exists at a paraphimosis (so-called "Spanish Collar"). If the foreskin is pushed back to close with pressure, it may happen that the foreskin can not push back to starting position. It forms one of Ranvier (hence the name "Spanish Collar"), impeding the return of blood and lymph so that the swollen glans and inner foreskin of the shares. This is very painful and there is a risk that the glans is damaged by prolonged hypoperfusion. It can lead to tissue destruction (necrosis). A doctor should be consulted as soon as possible. Under anesthesia, the swelling is pressed by finger pressure surrounding the glans penis and then gently pushed through the tight foreskin ring. Only very rarely an incision of the foreskin is necessary. At a later stage, a circumcision (circumcision) is performed to prevent recurrence.

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