Treatment of Phimosis

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The treatment of phimosis depends on the medical history and the extent of the restriction.

Conservative treatment with ointment is often sufficient
In many cases, conservative treatment is sufficient. Especially in children with equivocal findings, a local ointment treatment to be successful. The ointment usually contains an anti-inflammatory drug. You will be applied twice daily for 4 to 8 weeks on the foreskin. After 2 weeks, parents can try to gently push back the foreskin. It should be expended in any case force. This should only be pushed back as far as not cause pain. This treatment is successful in about 75 percent of treated children, where there are mostly physiological phimosis or prior to skin bonding.

If conservative treatment is not appropriate or is unsuccessful, then a circumcision (circumcision) is necessary. Here, the foreskin is either entirely (radical circumcision) or partially (partial circumcision) are removed. When the radical circumcision, the most common method is the glans completely, in the partial circumcision, the glans is still covered.

Alternative plastic extension

Alternatively, there is expansion sculptures, in which the foreskin is cut longitudinally and sutured transversely. The goal is for all methods to achieve a sufficient length of the foreskin with a good visual result.

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