Why do women live longer than men?

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An Indian heart knows no pain! From his earliest youth, men on their future role as a man with statements such as "Indian heart knows no pain" and "Big boys do not cry!" prepared. These principles are then followed by the "little boy" until old age. So it is only natural that people will not leave their physical and emotional needs during the remainder of their lives, give the necessary attention.

Man, your immune system! "Little things" such as health problems and lack of sleep is ignored, as the need for a healthy diet. Alcohol consumption, obesity and irregular, often exaggerated sport instead of a regular endurance training provide a further weakening of the immune system.

"Men work more just ..." These are the actual causes of the current seven years lower life expectancy of men. A genetic cause was not found until today. Often the assumption is expressed: "Men work more precisely in life than women, so they die sooner." This is surely an untenable position. Women are just as busy or as lazy as men and often have a double burden to bear.

 What is "man" to do with menopause?

Menopause - a women's issue? The response of most men would be:.. "Nothing" The menopause is held still for a typical woman this problem has been known for some years that many men from about the 40th to the 90th birthday of the typical symptoms (!) have. Unlike the women interrupts the production of male hormones, the androgens from not easy. But she goes back slowly. An average of 70 years is 2 / 3 lower androgen deprivation, as a young man, the hormone depth develops slowly. As with the women, there are strong differences, whether and how much a man of the effects of andropause is affected.

I'm not sick! Affected men often suffer from listlessness, fatigue, have hot flashes and sweats, muscle strength and / or erectile function decrease. You are suddenly depressed for no reason, or have back pain feel less need for sex. Increased hair loss, headaches and nervousness as well as poor concentration make them create. Most men take these complaints seriously. They decline to strictly "sick" or "old" to be. This could lead to worries about their masculine appearance.

Cause this is the hormone production is scientifically proven that the cause for these symptoms may lie in the decreased hormone production. In fact, this hormone deficiency can even cause serious diseases such as osteoporosis (bone loss) lead. The male menopause are not a bad joke, but quite seriously.

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