Experience symptoms of hormonal change

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Take seriously. Pay attention to physical and emotional changes and do not take this for granted. It is neither manly nor are you like a hypochondriac if you experience symptoms of hormonal change. Talk to your family about the problems. A little understanding can work miracles and even avoid the emotional impact.

For serious complaints to the doctor. Do you have serious problems, you must go to the doctor. Serious illnesses could be the result of carelessness. A too low hormone levels may e.g. lead to osteoporosis (bone loss), increased risk of cardiovascular disease or sleep disorders.

The fact that healthy eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables favorable effect on health is not new. For the range of andropause is the appropriately. Also drinking enough (about 3 liters a day) is very important. To high-fat diet and excessive alcohol consumption harm here even more than usual because they have a negative effect on testosterone production.

A "pick" the British pathologist Dr. Carruthers recommends the following "natural-healing-recipe": First, a glass of champagne, then a starter with some goat cheese. The main menu is a juicy steak with new potatoes and lots of salad, dessert, a chocolate pudding, which you sprinkle with walnuts.

The recipe is as a pick not just for men. Health should be considered in the portions.

Sport influences the hormone production. Favorable is a regular endurance training. Strength training, fitness, spa, swimming and / or Taichi / Qigong promote the effect of the remaining hormones and maintain muscle and tone. Sports lifts the joy of life and acts as an antidepressant.

St. John's for relaxation. St. John's wort may act (tea, capsules or drops), relaxing and sleep inducing. As with all things, the rule applies here: "Too much is unhealthy."

Acupressure Acupressure can help relieve to relieve some symptoms of menopause.

Who else helps?

There are special counseling and information centers for men, mostly in larger cities. There is information, advice and help with many personal problems.

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