Hormonal causes

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The "male" hormones, hormones are essential for the man. They govern

    the physique
    the functions and structure of the sex organs
    the libido (sexual interest)
    the potency
    Vitality and
    Voice and beard development, pubic hair (secondary sexual characteristics).

Andropause is responsible for a decrease in the production of several hormones, particularly the sex hormones of male hormones (androgens) and growth hormone (GH). In addition, there is a connection with the estrogens, which are also used in the treatment of symptoms in menopausal women.

Androgens, the male sex hormones, occupy a key position. The most important sex hormone in men is testosterone. This is produced in the testes of 95 percent and 5 percent in the adrenal glands. Trigger for this process signals from the diencephalon (hypothalamus) are, which stimulate the pituitary gland (hypophysis) in the secretion of hormones. This effect mainly in certain cells of the testes - the so-called Leydig cells - the release of testosterone.

Testosterone decreases slowly with increasing age. Unlike the women interrupts the production of male hormones, the androgens from not easy. From about the 40th Age decreases the production of the "normal" man for a year as one has to two percent. A 70 years old on average 2 / 3 lower testosterone levels, as a young man, the hormone depth develops slowly. As with the women there are strong differences on whether and how strong man from the effects of andropause is affected.

About 5 to 10 percent of all men are in need of treatment. A testosterone 12-40 nmol / l is considered normal range. Only when the value is below 12 nmol / l decreases, it is considered to require treatment. The standard values ​​can be very different. Some men have a very young age in high testosterone levels. Here, by hormone deficiency symptoms can show them if the values ​​drop sharply, even if the hormone levels do not drop below 12nmol / l. The publications on the need for treatment are very different. Scientists are currently talking 5 to 10 percent of men as victims.

The formation of androgens is influenced by many factors. Declining androgen levels can e.g. be caused by using:

    perpetual fasting
    psychological and / or physical stress
    Drugs and Alcohol
    serious illness
    different drugs

Estrogens from androgens, the male body is also the estrogens. This work improves blood circulation and promote growth. In addition, they have a favorable effect on lipid metabolism. Some publications provide evidence that the male menopause are more dependent on the estrogen production than previously thought.

Growth hormone (GH), also abbreviated as outdated or GH. Another trigger of andropause is the declining production of growth hormone GH, which is also abbreviated GH outdated. STH is a Effektorhormon from the pituitary. The production falls between the 25th And 65 Age to about one-third to one fourth of the original value from. As currently backed up a close relationship with this decline is the quality of sleep. For this purpose, the time trying to achieve an improvement of sleep, an increase of production and thus to an improvement of the causes of old age.

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone If there is a sex hormone, often referred to as oxidative stress response hormone. It is produced in the adrenal cortex and regarded as a precursor of testosterone. According to new findings that suggested that it is predominantly metabolized by the body into estrogen.

Melatonin Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland. The production is reduced due to age. It is thought to participate in the andropause in men. Whether treatment with melatonin slows the aging process, is controversial.

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