The hormone is detected with a blood test

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If the old standard of "niggles" are serious complaints, and men should seek medical attention. This can be determined through a blood test to current hormone levels. A testosterone 12-40 nmol / l is considered normal range. Only when the value is below 12 nmol / l decreases, it is considered to require treatment. The standard values ​​can be very different. Some men have a very young age in high testosterone levels. Here, by hormone deficiency symptoms can show them if the values ​​drop sharply, even if the hormone levels do not drop below 12nmol / l. Then a doctor and the claimant should decide together on the need for hormone treatment.

Different drugs affect the hormone levels. It is important to note that affected your doctor medication taken. Some medicines can distort the results of hormone analysis. Some of these

    High blood pressure
    Heart medicines
    Gastro-intestinal agents

It may be necessary to convert an existing medication.

Which hormones you get then? For treatment to be found mainly testosterone, but also melatonin, DHEA, and estrogen use (see causes). These hormones are administered in the form of tablets, capsules, injections, implants or patches. From March 2003, the administration of testosterone through a skin gel is possible. Which hormones are necessary, can be clarified only in individual cases with the attending physician, as an unnecessary hormone administration alike can lead to complaints and serious illnesses. There is no universally applicable treatment standard it - also because of differences of scientific opinion - not yet.

Potency drugs are reasonable? With potency problems some potency enhancing drugs are touted as a panacea, but even here the administration should make sure to first be discussed with the treating doctor or ordained by him. Self-medication in this field can have serious consequences.

Which doctor is responsible?

In Germany, a male doctor gradually begins to emerge, which deals with testosterone substitution and also men's health in general. The "medical men" sit here together from various medical specialties. This includes urologists, endocrinologists, internists, general practitioners and dermatologists.

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