Recognized undescended testicles in boy

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In the normal situation, a man or boy, two testes (testicles). They are located in the scrotum (scrotal). During pregnancy, the testicles develop in the abdomen near the kidneys. Approximately one month before the birth of the balls down through the inguinal canal into the scrotum. This is called descend. Normally sitting on a newborn boy is two balls in his scrotum.

Some boys do not drop the ball. One or both balls remain in the abdomen or the groin. It is not exactly known why this is. It also happens that a ball that was previously descended, a few years later, not in the scrotum beneath. Recent research shows that about half of the balls still in puberty spontaneously indaalt.
Sometimes it seems as if a ball is descended, but he can easily be pushed into the scrotum. It does not shoot it right back. This is a retractile testis or pendelbal mentioned. A pendelbal should be monitored but is not treated.

What are the consequences?

In order to create healthy sperm, it is important that the balls have a lower temperature than the rest of the body. Therefore the balls hang in the scrotum outside the body. If the balls do not descend, one can at a later age suffer from infertility.
An undescended testicle does not affect sexual function.
An undescended ball shows a slightly increased risk of malignant development (testicular cancer) compared with normal undescended ball.

How to recognize undescended testicles?

After birth in boys always check whether the ball descended. Also in this clinic is verified. A testicle in the groin continued stabbing, can often be felt on the outside. The distinction between a pendelbal and an undescended ball is sometimes difficult in a research. If both balls are not to feel, the child by a (child) urologist examined.

What is there to do?

If your child has undescended testicles, there are several possibilities. These are briefly discussed. (Child) urologist will tell you what the best treatment for your child.
When the ball is felt in the groin, the doctor may try it with a sweeping move down into the scrotum to bring. If the ball than in the scrotum remains, there is a pendelbal, that does not require treatment. If this fails, surgery will take place. The ideal age for this was long the second year of life. There are now indications that the age of 6 to 12 months the best time. (Child) urologist may well inform you here.

A pendelbal usually around puberty itself in the right place to lie. A pendelbal who will lose in the scrotum may be, occurs in about half the cases in adolescence itself still in the scrotum. It is not always necessary to surgically intervene.

Sometimes the ball on the outside not to feel. Usually a sound study (ultrasound) done to detect the ball. Failing that there is a keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) is required. This is the ball in the belly looked up and assessed. A ball in the groin is found, surgery is usually placed in the bag and put down. A ball in the abdomen, may sometimes one or two operations are brought to the scrotum.


Testicular cancer
In testes that do not naturally descend, there is a slightly increased risk of developing testicular cancer after puberty. After a surgery at a young age, who can somewhat smaller than when the operation took place only after puberty, but it is still slightly elevated. If testicular cancer is detected early, there is a very high chance of cure. Generally it is advised from puberty to age a monthly self-examination of the testes to do.

The scrotum is the best place for the testes after puberty to be able to make healthy sperm. Therefore undescended balls at a young age through surgery brought into the scrotum. Despite surgery at a young age can prevent infertility, especially if both balls were not originally descended or when the balls were in the abdomen. An operation at a young age causes the testicle after puberty optimal function, but can not guarantee normal fertility.

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